Our modern take on an ancient practice.


good word of mouth

“I had been dealing with a strange toothache that felt like nerve pain. I saw two dentists and an endodontist and no one could figure out what was wrong. After a couple of weeks of Magic Mouth, I realized I was having that pain less and less, and now it is completely gone! Whatever the problem was, Magic Mouth healed it! I’ve also noticed my gums bleed less, and my teeth are whiter! Thank you so much!”

- Tamara Evans

“A few years ago my dentist alerted me of numerous oncoming cavities and we setup an appointment for their imminent removal. Later that week my friend recommended I try Magic Mouth. I hate flossing, so I figured I would give it a go. After 3 months of swishing every morning, I returned to the dentist to find that I had ZERO cavities, and all traces had receded. The dentist was visibly shocked and did not believe me when I told him about the powers of Magic Mouth!” 

- Tanner Pendleton

"Magic Mouth has been such a MAGICAL addition to my morning routine! The daily swish refreshes my mouth and leaves me feeling cleansed, awake, and ready for the day. After 4 months, my skin seems clearer and digestion healthier too! Such an easy way to take care of my dental & overall hygiene. I don't see myself ever stopping!"

- Mimi Morrish

Swishing for just a few minutes can do wonders for your oral and overall health. Research suggests a clear link between oral bacteria and body diseases, so let's naturally rid ourselves of those pesky bugs and restore balance to our system.