Hi, I’m Corigan! I have always been a bit of a research nerd, especially when it comes to health and the power of nature. I’ve spent years studying the natural world, herbalism and mysticism.  I was also born with an interesting dental record. Genetically, I have 4 missing adult teeth. So in life, I’ve been tasked with trying to keep my baby teeth (the ones you’re typically supposed to lose when you’re 5) healthy, and in my mouth as long as humanly possible. Because when they’re gone— they’re gone, and the next step is extremely expensive dental work. And because of this, I’ve had dental health on my mind for most of my adult life. 

However, call it luck, call it magic, call it… intuition, in 2014 the formula for Magic Mouth struck me like a bolt of lightning. It just popped in. At the time, I was new to oil pulling, and starting to understand the properties of Lauric acid in raw coconut oil. I was learning about the benefits of Neem and the incredible impact it had on oral health for people in rural India. I was using diatomaceous earth and amazed at the benefits I was seeing. And, I had a good dentist friend, who clued me into how great xylitol is for the inside of the mouth. I suddenly realized I could combine all these incredible things to make a powerful product. I spent the next year reading all the research I could find, and understood the profound benefits of all of these ingredients for my oral and systemic health. By 2015, I had started bottling Magic Mouth from my kitchen in Salt Lake City, and selling it to friends and family, and it started to grow. 

I’ve used Magic Mouth nearly every single day of my life since 2014, and it is the one routine that I will not compromise on. Every time I go to the dentist, the hygienists comment on my exceptional oral maintenance, and healthy gums and teeth. I know that it makes me a healthier human on many levels. From the inside of the mouth, to the inside of the body, and also on a bigger picture, energetic level. This product is cleansing the place where we speak our world into existence! As the saying goes, “Your words become the house you live in." I believe in this product whole-heartedly, and it wants to be shared with the world. 



[Magic Mouth is operated by Magic Enterprises CMK LLC.]