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Magic Mouth

Oil Pull | 2 oz

Oil Pull | 2 oz

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Our 2 oz jar lasts over 10+ days with daily use. Perfect for trying out Magic Mouth, traveling, or gifting!

Boost your morning routine with our modern take on an ancient practice. Swishing for just a few minutes can do wonders for your oral and overall health. Research suggests a clear link between oral bacteria and body diseases, so let's naturally rid ourselves of those pesky bugs and restore balance to our system.

Our secret? It's all in the fat! Oil's fat bonds with the fatty lipid layer of bacteria, effectively pulling them out when you swish. Magic Mouth takes it further with our organic, raw, unprocessed coconut oil formula. Only raw coconut oil, rich in Lauric Acid, the bacteria-fighting superhero, gets the job done right. 

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